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Exotic Curse of Norgannon and Kargath

EXOTIC CURSE was founded in 1998 as a competitive nationally ranked Magic: the Gathering team.
When World of Warcraft was released, we brought our theorycraft and competitive spirit to the MMO, and established the in-game guild around the release of Burning Crusade, the best expansion ever.

We hope you’ll find a home with us, whether for raiding, PVP, or casual play. There are some rules and guidelines for participation in our guild. We also provide Ventrilo for voice communication.

Exotic Curse Ventrilo

-Ask before giving to non-guild members. From time to time it may become necessary to change the password. If you’re locked out of Ventrilo, check the guild info to see if the password has changed, or ask an officer for help.

-No profanity is allowed in Ventrilo, guild chat, or public channels, This includes racial slurs and homophobic references such as using the word “gay” to mean less than satisfactory.
-Innuendo is ok if it's subtle... and not directed at anyone.

You can download Ventrilo from the following location:
choose the client for your Operating System.

Deadly Boss Mods is an AddOn that is required for raiding current content. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods
Extract to World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns folder. This folder is generally found in the Programs(x86) folder, although it depends on where you chose to install WoW.

Other tools you may find useful:
http://www.askmrrobot.com/ For gemming, enchanting, and reforging your gear.
http://www.icy-veins.com/ For learning optimal builds, rotations, glyphs, and talents.
http://www.noxxic.com/wow For class guides, tools and calculators.

Raiding Current Content

Ready to Go” – You’re ready if you’re of the right ilv, fully gemmed and enchanted, know the mechanics of each boss you intend to kill, and have food and flasks for the fights. You’ll also need Ventrilo and Deadly Boss Mods if you plan to raid Flex or Normal.

“LFR” - Anyone with an average item level (ilv) of 496 can raid Looking For Raid (lfr). You can get this option by choosing Dungeon Finder -> Raid Finder and choosing the lfr you’d like to run. Getting Tanks and Healers from the guild to go with you will reduce the time you have to wait in queue. Otherwise, queue up and farm some materials or do some dailies while you wait.

“Flex” – To get into a non-guild flex, you’ll need to assemble your own group or list your name and hope to get called upon. You can list your name at any ilv, but generally you need 510 flex1, 520 flex2, 530 flex3, and 540 flex4. To go with the guild group, sign up on the calendar and be ready to go. Tanks must be 800k health and meet all other requirements (MOAR.) Dps must do 100k sustained dps over the course of a flex fight and MOAR. Healers should have 75k sustained heals per second and MOAR. Your raid leader has the right to cut anyone from these raids that doesn’t meet the requirements, especially if the boss does not die on the attempt.

“Normal” – To get into normal raids, you’ll generally need an item level of 540. This can be an assortment of crafted gear, Ordos/Celestial drops, and Flex gear. If you would like to be a raider, you should make it known and prove yourself in the prior tiers while in group with an officer. Tanks must be 900k health and meet all other requirements (MOAR.) DPS must do 150k sustained dps over the course of a flex fight and MOAR. Healers should have 90k sustained heals per second and MOAR. Your raid leader has the right to cut anyone from these raids that doesn’t meet the requirements, especially if the boss does not die on the attempt. This may mean getting additional members from guild, or pick up group (PUG).

“Heroic” – heroic is a different animal. You must be a raider in good standing with the guild, have proven participation in Normal raids, and consistently MOAR without having to be asked. Mechanics at this level must be executed nearly perfectly, and you must understand them all completely. You will be chosen for a Heroic group if you meet these requirements and your role is needed for Heroic raiding.

If you’re not getting the raiding or PVP action you desire, you should consider the following items:
-Are you meeting ALL requirements of the tier? If not, this is a no-brainer.
-Have you made your desire known? Gently? Often? To the right people (officers and leaders)?
-Have you signed up to a guild event, logged on 10 minutes prior to start time, and asked for an invite?
-If there is not an event of the kind you’re interested in, see if you can find others that want to go and ask an officer to put up a guild event for you, or organize one yourself. If you find a guild group and you have success, tell an officer about it and we’ll make sure it’s on the calendar on a regular basis.

Leaving the guild
If you leave on good standing, we’re sad to see you go. Warlords of Draenor will be bringing some great changes that will help us return to our glory days. You can expect 25 toon teams raiding Flex (normal), a consistent Normal (Heroic) team, and the ambition to have a 20 toon Mythic raiding team as well. If that’s not enough to make you stay, we hope you’ll consider coming back when you see us lighting up the internet with our loot and raid achievements.
If you leave on poor terms, you’ll need to speak with a guild leader to be reinvited. If you sneak back in, good work, rogue… but if you come to the attention of your caring guild leaders again, you’ll be just as quickly removed for the good of the guild.

US - HORDE - Norgannon and Kargath Servers
Our Values are: Cunning (the knowledge to complete the task), Unity (honor our own for mutual benefit), Resolve (the endurance to complete the task), Strength (the tanks, healers and damage dealers), and Expertise (the skill to complete the task.)

Exotic Curse card illustration by Orizio Daniele. Illustration and reference to the card "Exotic Curse" are used without claim to the original property.
Magic: the Gathering © 1995 - 2014 Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

(You knew what this was.)

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Warlords Guild Census
10/18/2014 04:34 AM by scranford
Have a guild officer update your public note in game! It should show the name of your main character in Exotic Curse and if that character is a main or an alt. It should look like this: Questa Main, or Questa Alt. Characters that are still in Cursed rank when Warlords launches may be removed from the guild after a period of inactivity. I'd like you all to be included in our victories, so stand up and be counted!


08/07/2014 01:24 PM by scranford


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